The following is a partial list of current and past clients:


(in Phase‑I development)

Ruby Mango is an online B2C retailer selling "exciting gifts from exotic places" and natural, earth-friendly products.

Global Access has been contracted by Ruby Mango to build a fully-customized e‑commerce Web site. By using ASP.NET (in conjuction with SQL Server) we will be able to develop a robust, object-oriented software solution that incorporates all the latest online sales-generation tools, as well as advancing new ones.

Bangkok Thai Express


BangkokThaiExpress.com is an example of a low-cost/high-value dynamic Web site developed by Global Access: a custom solution at a turnkey price.

Our client had a very limited development and operational budget, yet wanted a robust site that could be easily updated as their menu changed.

Because the data tier for this site would not be subject to high-stress or high-concurrency demands, we chose Microsoft Access as the economical data store behind this ASP.Net site. The menu data was normalized into three levels of relational tables (courses, dishes, and options/prices).

Through live database queries, the online menu is dynamically generated, taking into account the differences in dish availability and price between lunch and dinner menus, as well as being able to filter dishes on ingredients in order to produce dynamic, vegetarian-only menus.

Kids Online America

Kids Online America

Kids Online America (KOLA) was a subscription-based, B2C filtered portal for parents and children to explore the Internet in a safe and friendly way. All Web content was security reviewed and age-categorized by a team of experts before being approved for publication within KOLA's portal.

Michael Liu, president of the Global Access Group, was retained by KOLA as their Principal Architect and Lead Software Engineer after a third-party development team, previously contracted by KOLA, ran over-budget and behind-schedule.

In three-months time, Michael single-handedly rewrote over 40,000 lines of erroneous and unstructured code SQL, ASP, and DHTML code—replacing it with with efficient, modular, and 100% QA-passed code—thus saving KOLA over one-half million dollars in development costs and putting the project back on schedule.

Michael also directed the development of KOLA's propietary Web browser software.

San Francisco Art Exchange


San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE) is a prominent fine art brokerage firm with a public gallery located in the heart of downtown San Francisco. SFAE represents the works of Alberto Vargas, Ronnie Wood, Boris Vallejo, and other renowned pop icon artists.

One of our earliest clients, SFAE contracted Global Access in 1998 to build a B2C e‑commerce Web site. This job predated the advent of object-oriented server application software like ASP.NET and J2EE, and even predated the more basic server scripting technologies such as Microsoft's conventional Active Server Pages.

To meet SFAE's requirements for secure low-volume/high-value international sales in a time of rapidly cahnging (and often unstable) Internet technologies, Global Access developed a custom JavaScript e‑commerce application. Although not as robust or scalable as applications built using today's advanced technologies, it nevertheless has been so successful at generating online sales that SFAE is still using it six years later.