Incompetent. Dishonest. Unethical. Greedy. Overbills.
All the worst qualities one hopes to avoid when hiring a lawyer.

I retained the Goldman Law Firm to defend me from a false and malicious lawsuit that was filed against me by a dishonest former business partner. Ronald Goldman and his partner chose to answer the suit and litigate the case, billing me thousands of dollars in legal fees even before our first court appearance. I later discovered the lawsuit was legally invalid and could have simply been dismissed on its face (for very little cost).

Immediately after filing the answer, the Goldman Law Firm (with seven in-house attorneys) didn't know how to legally proceed on a part of the case that was basic in nature, yet significant in its impact. They suggested I hire yet another lawyer for additional representation. They tried to push me to one of their friends, but I found my own. During the initial one-hour consultation with my new attorney, he saw that the lawsuit was defective and pointed out the gross errors made by the Goldman Law Firm. He also quickly resolved the one "problem" Goldman's team couldn't handle.

When I confronted the Goldman team about the errors, and asked why they didn't file a demurrer to have the case dismissed, they became defensive and hostile: throwing out a number of absurd -- and conflicting -- excuses, then finally declaring that litigation was the legal strategy THEY chose to pursue (without ever consulting me or presenting me with any other options). Ask yourself: what defendant would choose to answer and litigate a lawsuit when the case could simply be dismissed? But then, how else could the Goldman Law Firm have racked up all those billable hours on my case? Either they were grossly incompetent or they knowingly defrauded me (from their actions and statements, I would say both).

Rather than admit their mistake and follow their client's direction to demur, they instead quit my case and then claimed that I owed them thousands more (in addition to the $5,000 I had already paid them). Realize that at this point, the only substantial work the Goldman Law Firm had performed was to file an answer to the initial lawsuit complaint (and their 5-page answer was initially so flawed, that I had to make over 80 factual, legal, and grammatical corrections -- and then Goldman charged me $455 for correcting their erroneous legal document).

Because Goldman had already dragged the case on for nine months, I lost my start-up business and my family was broke. I was forced to proceed "pro per" (representing myself with no attorney). With no legal background other than my own research at the law library, I was able to do what the Goldman Law Firm had told me could not be done: I successfully filed a demurrer and had the court dismiss the lawsuit against me.

To substantiate the veracity of my review, and to give potential clients more insight into what they can expect from the Goldman Law Firm, I have created a web site that details the facts of my case and posts actual documents from my case to illustrate Goldman's malpractice:

Note 1: Ronald P. Goldman was disciplined by the State Bar of California in 2009 because he "willfully violated Business and Professions Code, section 61065 by his dishonesty". See:

Note 2: The single "Peer Endorsement" received by Ronald Goldman at (a site that rates lawyers and other professionals) is from Dane Jones. Mr. Jones is Goldman's partner at the Goldman Law Firm -- a fact that is not disclosed in the endoresment. This is further evidence of unethical behavior by the Goldman Law Firm. See: